Over the last years, volunteers have worked hard on our project beaches to protect thousands of sea turtle nests and release hundreds of thousands of hatchlings into the Pacific Ocean. The funds received from volunteers are used to run our turtle projects, and help provide an income for local community members through opportunities such as guiding patrols and cooking meals. Also, the work that volunteers do at our long-term projects helps to build a sense of awareness among locals regarding the importance and benefits that come from protecting animals and nature.  Since sea turtle nesting is seasonal, our turtle conservation projects are only open for half of the year, from July to December.

Today, volunteers can choose to come to help in other conservation and community projects throughout the year; Either assisting in the reforestation of coastal areas in the southern Nicoya Peninsula, supporting us in the schools to teach about the environment, or participating in the collection and categorization of solid waste to minimize its impact on nature.



Before applying for any of our programs, please read carefully our Requirements

Please send the Participant Information Form to volunteers@turtle-trax.com in order to confirm availability.