The area surrounding our turtle projects offers breathtaking scenery from untouched mangrove systems to waterfall surrounded by lush forest.   Turtle Trax, working in close contact with local business and organizations, can help volunteers make the most of their time and enjoy all this area has to offer.

Bring out the explorer in you with some of these activities!!

  • Horseback riding: Through farmlands, small creeks and rivers and over the mountains that surround the villlage of Coyote or along the beautiful beach of Costa de Oro and San Miguel.  During two hours discover the typical flora and fauna of Guanacaste!
  • Waterfall: Discover this hidden treasure set back in the mountains of Jabilla! Take a walk up to the base of the waterfall and cool off in the refreshing pools.
  • Mangrove boat tour: Travel in a small artisenal fishing boat through the unspoiled mangroves of Bejuco or Coyote with the likelihood of seeing monkeys, mangrove birds or even crocodiles.
  • River Kayaking: Kayak through the calm waters of the Coyote river surrounded by the tranquillity and the beauty of nature.
  • Ara Project: Situated less than 20km away from our main office, the Ara Project ( is dedicated to saving Costa Rica’s two native macaws: the endangered Great Green Macaw and the Scarlet Macaw.  Tours of the centre are an opportunity to learn about and watch these incredible birds.
  • Mike’s Jungle Butterfly farm:  Visit this 47-acre mountain side property which include walking trails and a butterfly rancho.  Learn about the amazing lifes of butterflies and other insects and taste delicious local honey.
  • Surfing: Learning to surf is one of the best things you can do in Costa Rica!  Learn with one of the countless expert locals in Costa de Oro or San Miguel or rent a surfboard and experience the swell!
  • Canopy Zip Lining: Not far from our projects, Hotel Punta Islita (, offers canopy zip-lining in the lush forest surrounding the area.  Spectacular views and a rush of adrenaline are guaranteed!!