Night PatrolVolunteers accompany a member of the Turtle Trax team on nightly 3-4 hour beach patrols.  One purpose of these beach walks is to encounter nesting sea turtles and record scientific data. This information is used to gain an understanding of sea turtle reproductive behaviour, and improve our conservation strategies in the future. Another objective is to find sea turtle nests, collect the eggs, and move them to a hatchery where they are protected from poaching or depredation (dogs, racoons, voltures, ect.)

Volunteers help build and maintain the hatcheries to ensure that incubation conditions are optimal for egg development and monitoring the hatchery during the night and day for emerging hatchlings and intruding predators.

Once the hatchlings emerge from the nest, project participants release the hatchlings onto the beach, and protect them from predators as they crawl out the ocean.  Exhuming nests and collecting data on unhatched eggs can also be performed by volunteers under the watch of a research team member.SM Kids Event

Along with the turtle tasks, volunteers are expected to help with station house maintenance and cleaning. Team members live in close proximities, so it is important to keep the living areas clean and functional.  Volunteers also take part in environmental activities and english classes for local kids.

There are additional opportunities available for volunteers such as helping out at local schools and assisting in climate change or beach garbage monitoring studies. If interested, please specify interests on the application form.