[:en]Beach Projects[:es]Proyectos en Playas[:]

[:en]Turtle Trax runs four sea turtle conservation beach projects located on the Pacific side of Costa Rica’s southern Nicoyan Peninsula. Volunteers can participate at the Caletas, Costa de Oro, and San Miguel projects, and there are internship positions available at all four projects.

Turtle Trax Map


Playa Caletas is an isolated beach in the Caletas-Ario National Wildlife Refuge. There is no development or community at Caletas, so the project camp is composed of temporary structures built “off-the-grid”, right on the beach. We have monitored sea turtle activity at this site since 2001.  Read more.

Costa de Oro

Costa de Oro is a small beach town, and the project station house is on a beach-front property in the middle of the town. Costa de Oro is the newest of the four sea turtle beach conservation projects, and has been in operation since the 2011 season.  Read more.

San Miguel

Playa San Miguel is a small beach town, and the project station house is on a beach-front property in the middle of the town. San Miguel is the longest-running of the four beach conservation projects. We have been investigating the nesting activity of marine turtles on this beach since 1998, after the town’s local community asked for help monitoring and protecting the nesting marine turtles. Read more.


Playa Corozalito is an undeveloped beach, and the project station house is located in the town of Corozalito, a 45 minute walk from the beach. We began monitoring this site in August 2008 in response to the local community’s reports of frequent sea turtle nesting events.  Read more.[:]