Thank you for your interest in our internship program!  The next season will run from June 1st, 2020 to December-January (depending on project), 2021. 

At the moment, we are not accepting any applications due to the global emergency caused by COVID-19. There are several restrictions and measurements implemented in Costa Rica (and mnay other countries) regarding traveling from and to the country, making the participation of international interns to be affected.

Terms are divides as follows:  

  • Term 1: 8th June – 1st September (Costa de Oro and San Miguel)
  • Term 2: 15th June – 3rd September (Bejuco and Corozalito)
  • Term 3: 28th July – 21st October (Costa de Oro and San Miguel)
  • Term 4: 31st August – 18th November (Bejuco and Corozalito)
  • Term 5: 21st September – 15th December (Costa de Oro and San Miguel)
  • Term 6: 11th November – 30th January 2021 (Bejuco and Corozalito)

Research Assistants