Thank you for your interest in our internship program!  The next season will run from June 15th, 2019 to December-January(depending on project), 2020. Coordinator and research assistant applications for the next season are already being accepted, and dates for research assistant positions are listed below.

  • Term 1: 17th June – 9th September (Costa de Oro and San Miguel)
  • Term 2- 25th June-14th September (Bejuco and Corozalito)
  • Term 3-3rd August- 25th October (Costa de Oro and San Miguel)
  • Term 3-11th September-20th November (Bejuco and Corozalito)
  • Term 4-22nd September-15th December (Costa de Oro and San Miguel)
  • Term 5-17th November- 29th January 2020 (Bejuco and Corozalito)

Research Assistants